A Look at Solar Energy Advantages
The advantages of solar energy can be dated back to the 7th Century BC. Solar energy can be provided for a lifetime. It has also been shown that some of the solar power systems that have reached their 30 year mark are still functioning. It has now been said that the lifetime of a system can reach 40 years, and some companies are even offering a 20 year warranty on solar power systems. How is that for protection?

The solar energy advantages are almost endless. Here are some of the overall advantages of solar power itself, and then we can take a look at the advantages of each method of solar power. While obtaining solar power for the very first time, it may be expensive, the amount of money you will save over time surpasses that. Once it is installed, solar power is virtually free. There are now tax credits and rebates for those who own solar power systems. It can also add value to your home, which could provide you with more equity. Solar power is nonpolluting, allowing us to breathe cleaner air. It also frees us from the use of foreign oil.Solar cells are long lasting, and as long as we have sun, we have power, even on cold wintry days! There is also no harm done to the ecosystem because there is no need for oil or dredging.

Those are just some of the advantages of solar power. Now we can look at the advantages by system. There are currently four methods of solar power, and they are passive, thermal, photovoltaic and thin film. The passive method has a quick payback on the funds spent for the materials. There is no negative impact on the environment. Not only is it a free source of energy, it can also add to the value of your home. Thethermal method also has a rapid payback. It usually pays for itself within one to six years. There is no fuel tax because there is no fuel! There is also photovoltaic and thin film. The biggest maintenance is maintaining the battery if it is an off grid system. There is protection from brownouts, and it is more cost effective than conventional power. There is also no smelly by-product, it is odor free.

So even though there may be some disadvantages to solar power, the advantages are clearly in the lead!