Solar Power
Solar power – energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy-
The solar power industry is one that is growing at a very rapid rate. With solar energy, you can regain your losses and fight global warming at the same time. There are tax credits now available to those who are using solar power. Even though the initial startup may be a bit pricey, with things such as the tax credits and even net metering can be a way to regain your money. Solar power can even be used for free. The sun is a free resource that can provide heat as well as natural lighting.

If you are unsure of your needs, working with an energy consultant may be a good place to start. Once you figure out the needs of your home, you can start from there. There are even ways the government will help you pay for your renewable energy products.

Solar energy is not available at night, so the energy must be stored. Wind power and solar power must be taken while it is available and stored until it can be used. You can do this with the use of a battery. Solar power can be direct, as with photovoltaics or indirect by concentrating it.

In Germany, they have a combined power plant. This plant uses a mixture of wind, biomass, hydro power and solar power. By using all of these renewable sources, a 100 percent of renewable energy is produced. There are also experiments going on with solar power. One of those would be a solar updraft tower. This is a large greenhouse that funnels into a central tower. The way it works is the sun will shine on the greenhouse. The air inside is heated and then it expands. When the expanding airflow enters into the central tower, a turbine converts the airflow into electricity. Then there is thermovoltaic solar power. This will convert the temperature difference between the dissimilar materials into electric current.

With today’s renewable technologies, solar power can be used for many different things. We can take a renewable source that is always available to us and use it when we need it. Many people are looking for ways to produce electricity for their homes and businesses using solar power only. This would be a very cost effective way to save money. Solar power is a very sustainable source of energy, because until the end of time, the sun will be available.