A Source of Energy with Many Uses
Stop and think back to many times you have cooked or stayed warm using wood or other organic matter. If you can think of at least just one time, then chances are you were using a source of energy that has many uses that extends beyond a warm body and a full stomach. This source of energy is called Biomass.

A source of energy that can be turned into many different things is great. Let’s take a closer look at how one source of energy can provide us with many things. Biomass can be used in our vehicles. This is referred to as biofuel. There are two common types of this fuel. They are ethanol and biodiesel. Ethanol is made mostly from the starch in corn grain while biodiesel is made mostly from soybean oil. Ethanol is usually added to petroleum based fuels to not only reduce toxic air emission, but also increase octane. E-85 contains 83 percent ethanol in the summer and 70 percent in the winter. Currently, there are over 200 fueling stations that have E-85. Biodiesel is blended with 20 percent petroleum diesel which labels it as B-20. There are almost 180 fueling stations that have B-20.

Biopower uses conventional boilers that have a direct combustion of biomass, generating electricity. During to coal-burning process at many coal-powered plants, biomass is added to reduce toxic emissions. Natural gas power plants will use biomass after gasification in their combine-cycle gas turbines to become more efficient. Biopower is ranked second to hydropower. Biomass is a source of energy that can also be used to make bioproducts. Toothpaste gel, plastics, glue and antifreeze are made using biofuels. Biosynthesisgas can be used to make textiles and photographic films.

It is amazing how one source of energy can be used to create many things. This just goes to show the potential of renewable resources. If we could utilize them and get the most out of them, we would be shocked at what could be produced. In today’s time, our conventional resources are running out every day. Just imagine going to the grocery store to buy a tube of toothpaste and find out it isn’t being made anymore? This could very well happen if we don’t start tapping into the resources that are available to us. If we maintain them, and take care of them, they will be there when we need it.
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