Sources of Energy
In this article, we will look at some of our sources of energy. There are many sources of energy available, some we use and some we don’t. All sources of energy have an upside and a downside and below you will be able to see some of those, both the advantages and disadvantages.

Coal is inexpensive and easy to recover. The downside is that it pollutes the air with things such asmercury and sulfur dioxide. It also contributes to things such as acid rain and global warming. Nuclear energy is another source that is inexpensive. The waste is smaller and it does not cause greenhouse gasesor acid rain. It is also easy to transport. The negative impacts are the capital cost is larger because of emergency, containment, radioactive waste and storage systems. There is also the potential of nuclearproliferation.

Hydroelectric is inexpensive once the dam is built. In the Western US, the government has invested heavily in the building of dams. Water elevation is a factor of hydroelectric energy. Not only can dams collapse, there may also be environmental damage for flooded and downstream areas. There could also be negative effects on the fish. Gas and oils are easy to obtain. They are also better as a space heating energy source. The disadvantage is there are shortages during the winter. They are also contributors to global warming. The prices of gas and oils will increase with supply and demand.

Wind, solar and hydrogen are other sources of energy. Wind is free and is well suited to rural areas. Even though wind energy can be expensive, the cost of generation and maintenance has dropped. The disadvantages are it can be dangerous to birds. Also wind is limited to windy areas and the equipment can be damaged during windstorms. Solar energy is free when sunlight is available and the cost of it is dropping. The bad thing is that the demand can be higher when the source is not available. Solar power also tends to be more efficient in sunny areas. Hydrogen combines easily with oxygen to produce wind and energy. The downside is that it takes more energy to produce hydrogen than the energy that could be created.

Now that you have read about some of the sources of energy that we use or can use, you will see which ones are a better choice for you.