A Closer Look at Wind and Solar Power
Wind power – power generated from the wind.
Solar power – power generated from the sun.
Wind and solar power have no greenhouse gases and no direct emissions of pollutants. They are both capable of a sustainable energy. Unlike many of the other resources, the performance of wind and solar power depend on the sun and wind. If wind and solar power were used at a larger scale, their power could spread to larger areas than fossil fuel facilities. Even the small scale wind and solar systems are a sustainable energy source. Sometimes generating on a small scale can be more effective. Really what it boils down to is the closer the systems are to their source, the more effective they are. The closer the wind system is to the wind, the more energy is produced. The closer the solar power systems are to the sun, the more energy they produce.

Wind and solar power systems can be used to produce hydrogen. If there is a direct end-use demand for hydrogen then these two sources will most likely be used. There are a few opportunities that come with their deployment. There can be a reduction of photovoltaic capital costs and there is more competition with concentrating thermal technologies. To incorporate the intermittency of wind and solar energy, there can be improvements made to grid management. These two sources can also be fully utilized when the availability doesn’t meet the need, so there is a reduction of storage space. The turbines can also be developed and refined so that they can work on offshore as well as places with low wind speed.

There are a few thermal generators of steam-cycle solar power that have been in operation for a long time. However, these are rarely used for on-site electric power because they require special plumbing. A fact about solar power is that the radiant power averages out to be about 644 watts per square meter. As far as wind power, using an axial-flow wind turbine can achieve 45 percent windmill efficiency.

Wind and solar power are more in demand today because of the energy they can produce. There are many places that are using wind and solar power over conventional power. The main benefit of these two renewable sources is that they are cost effective and readily available. As long as the wind blows and the sun shines, we will have energy and that energy can provide us with a substantial amount of electricity that we need.