Wind Power Energy
Wind power – power derived from wind: used to generate electricity or mechanical power –

Wind power has been used for more than 5000 years. This may be due to the fact that wind power is arenewable energy source. It is clean and produces no greenhouse gas emissions. Architects have used wind driven natural ventilation in building since the ancient times. Wind power is sustainable and will not the pollute air, water or produce waste that just piles up.

Wind power is very cost effective. Wind is free so the price never goes up unlike coal, oil and natural gas that have hidden costs. There are may be places where wind production is low, but wind farms can assist with this. Wind power has many advantages. Anyone can use a wind turbine to harness the energy. People can produce their own supply of energy in remote areas that are not connected to a electricity power grid. People that use wind power don’t have to worry about losing their supply if a natural disaster occurs or the power lines are severed. Wind power does not contribute to the depletion of non renewable sources such as coal, natural gas or oil.

Many jobs can be created with wind power. The more wind turbines are used the more jobs that are available. This can be in the form of maintenance or installation. Using more wind power would create the need for more meteorologists, surveyors, structural engineers, assembly workers and operators. This could help decrease the number of people who are unemployed. In turn, this could be beneficial for the economy. The more jobs there are, the more incomes there are. If people are employed they can then turn around and put the money back into the economy.

As you have read, wind power has the potential to do more than just help the earth. It also has the ability to help the people that live on the earth as well. Of course this isn’t something that will happen overnight, but gradually the impact will be seen. This could be the reason that wind power is becoming more popular. Taking advantage of something that is readily available puts us at an advantage. There will be less dependency on foreign countries to supply us with what we need. We would be taking ourselves out of harm’s way by relying on something that no one can take from us. So basically, wind power could provide us with a substantial amount of freedom.