Wind Power – The Use of a Windmill
Wind power – power derived from wind: used to generate electricity or mechanical power –
Wind power can be used for multiple things. One of the biggest uses of wind power is the use of the windmill. It harnesses the kinetic energy of the wind and converts it into electrical energy. The aerofoilsturn, which drive a shaft, that drives the motor. All of these are connected to a generator. Let’s take a moment to look at the windmill a little closer.

Windmills can be used as water pumpers or air compressors and can pump access water, hydrogen or air into reserve tanks. Windmills give off no emission of harmful gases. They can also keep carbon dioxide,sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide from being emitted. This all comes from wind power – amazing at the benefits.

When buying a windmill, consider the location. More wind is usually found near the coast, very large lakes or offshore islands. However, wind gusts can affect the power output if windmills. Sandstorms, humidityand salt-spray are not good for them. These are just a few of the things to consider when buying a windmill. They can be expensive, but once the windmill is built, the electricity that it can produce will eventually pay for itself.

Wind power can be stored until it needs to be used. This is a great fact about wind power. Let’s say it is windy outside, but you really don’t need the energy right at that moment. Well, the energy can be stored in a battery until you do! Lead-acid or lead-cobalt car batteries are commonly used. However, these may be expensive and they may even lose up to 25 percent of their stored energy. Nickel-iron, nickel-cadmiumand zinc-air cells are also used often. Sometimes sodium-sulfur batteries are used because they operate at higher temperatures. When it comes to windmills, some people may think they are an eye sore, but with today’s inventions, they are becoming more appealing. Another concern may be about the noise they generate, but they can me manufactured to be less noisy.

The wind will always blow somewhere. Wind power is a great renewable resource to use. Wind power can be used to produce electricity in large areas, especially in remote areas. Wind power is growing more and more popular. It is a possibility that wind power could produce majority of our electricity. Imagine being able to save money using a resource that has been available to us for a long time.