If some one asked you what your advertising cost per car was for each segment of your advertising budget would you be able to accurately answer that question? If not then call us today!

Grassroots advertising

Does your current campaign include the following?

  • Street Signs
  • Banners at your office and thrift stores
  • Postcards at every place you contact your potential donors
  • Free advertising from your corporate sponsors

Coordinated Radio, TV, and Print Advertising

We have partnered with one of the most powerful marketing agencies in the vehicle donation industry to be able to offer custom tailored programs that fit your budget and your demographic. By using professional advertising agencies to develop each part of your campaign you are guaranteed to get the results you need to succeed

Web Development & Marketing Management

  • When is the last time your website got a face lift?
  • Do you even have a website?
  • Are you registered with each and every important search engine?
  • Do you know your page ranking?
  • We can help you to develop, launch, and maintain a successful web based marketing campaign
  • Or you can choose to have your charity listed on our donation site and eliminate the cost or maintaining and promoting your own.