Car Donation – A Great Way to Give Back to Your Community

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Due to the recent recession and changing tastes, a number of once ubiquitous car models are no longer in production. So what happens to all those people still driving around in older models?
Well, you do have the option of going part shopping to keep it running, or starting a car collection, but that could get expensive. Why not donate your car to charity instead and help your community, as well as your commute?
Car donations are a growing part of what helps keep charitable programs going in many areas throughout the country. Whether your clunker is on its last leg or just the last of its kind, if its purpose has been served, now is a great time to donate a car.
Even if the charity cannot sell your vehicle at auction it may still be able to be sold for parts. This benefits you because you’ll still receive a tax deduction and have done a good deed. It also benefits the charity by generating funds that can be used for different programs, such as job training or emergency preparedness workshops.
Car donations are a great way to give back to your community and to show your support for a local charity. Unfortunately, not all of us can volunteer or donate large sums of money, but through donating a car that we aren’t using anymore, we’re helping the charities – that do so much for the community – get deeply needed resources.
The vehicle donation process is quick, free and easy – just call in and give us a bit of information and within 48 hours your vehicle will have been picked up. Car donation is important and incredibly beneficial to you, the charity you donate to and the community you live in.

Vehicle Donation Program Charities

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Charities, like Goodwill Industries for example, depend on generous donations from the public in order to continue their work. With the economic downturn of late, raising money has become a big challenge.  In addition, more people than ever need the services these organizations provide. One way charities have found to raise more funds during this time is vehicle donations.
Many people have cars that are not worth very much, or may have broken down and aren’t worth fixing. Oftentimes it isn’t worth the effort to try and sell the vehicle and auto salvage companies pay very little and sometimes even charge you to tow a car away. A fantastic alternative is to donate your car to charity.  Not sure what to expect or how to go about the vehicle donation process?  Contact Charity Dispatch anytime – they’re available to help you out 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.
In addition to cars, trucks, vans and SUVs – there are a myriad of other types of vehicles accepted at Charity Dispatch’s programs.  Examples of other vehicles include boats, motorcycles, RVs and even airplanes!  When you choose Charity Dispatch to donate your car, they will pick up your vehicle within 24 to 48 hours of being called.  In addition, they will handle everything for you – right up to delivering you the paperwork to get a deduction on your taxes.
Every type of vehicle – no matter what make, model or condition – are ideal candidates as vehicle

Car Donation – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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Ever heard the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?  An eyesore in your eyes may be a picture of perfection for another.  Never has this principle rang more true than when you donate a car to charity.
Maybe that old clunker that that’s been sitting around since your son or daughter graduated from school and moved out of the house has become a nuisance and you’ve been wondering what to do with it.  You’ve toyed around with the idea of trying to sell it or calling someone to tow it away, but just don’t know which route to go.  If you don’t already know about car donation programs, they can be an ideal solution to your problem.
Charity Dispatch assists charities with the logistics of donating your car, with the resulting funds acquired from selling the vehicle at auction going to assist many of the less fortunate in life.
A great thing about Charity Dispatch’s car donation programs is their ability to cater around your schedule.   You can call them 24/7 and someone will always be there to answer your questions and guide you through the car donation process.
Rest assured Charity Dispatch makes the whole car donation process painless.  Once you call them, your vehicle is picked up, free of charge, within a couple of days – most often within 24 hours of your call. Charity dispatch does it all – from selling the vehicle at auction to delivering you your receipts for tax time.
That ugly vehicle that has been taking up driveway or garage space, when donated, will look like a new showroom beauty in the eyes of the charity when they pick it up. That eyesore will in turn go to help countless people through the charity’s efforts.
A car donation, even an ugly one, is really a beautiful sight.

Charity Car Donation

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Donation Tips To Keep in Mind

If you have decided to make a car donation you have made a good decision, your donation will help people all over the world in a variety of different ways. There are some things that you should keep in mind when making a car donation to any type of charity however.

A car donation should never cost you any money or time, most car donation agencies will pick your car up for free, you simply need to be present and have a free title in hand, there are some situations where you will not need a title but you will need to talk to your car donation organization to make sure.

Make sure you check ahead of time to see if the agency you are using will accept the type of vehicle or car donation that you are trying to make. Not all agencies will accept all types of donations.

If you are interested in making a car donation check with Charity Dispatch for more information about this process and getting started.

Charity Vehicle

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Charity Vehicle – What Happens to the Charity Vehicle you Donate?

When you donate a charity vehicle you may have some preconceived notions about what will happen to that vehicle. Many people simply assume that the vehicle will go directly to a person that needs it such as a single mom or unemployed family. While this may happen in some cases more often than not the charity vehicle you donate ends up at auction. Once the vehicle is sold the proceeds from the sale go to the charity and their programs.

In some cases charities may keep vehicles for their own use, or in the case of disasters they may distribute the cars to those in need. If you have a specific wish when it comes to donating your vehicle to charity you should always ask beforehand to find out what their process is. In some case you may be able to request how your vehicle is used, but in most cases it will be up to you to find a charity that you want your vehicle to go to if it makes a difference to you.

Charity Dispatch helps to facilitate vehicle donations to charity, by picking up the car for you and taking care of all the details for you and the charity you are donating to. If you are interested in donating a vehicle you can contact our toll free hotline for more information and to get the process started.

Donate Cars To Charity

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Donate Cars To Charity – Making sure that Your Car Goes to the Charity You Specify

When people donate cars to charity one of their biggest concerns is where will their car go and what will happen to it. This can be a big concern because they want to know that the car or the money from the car will in some way directly benefit those in need. It can be useful to spend some time investigating the charity you wish to donate your car to, to see what their particular procedure is, as well as how their money is used.

When you get ready to donate your car you will most likely be donating it to Charity Dispatch or another organization just like it, it is their job to facilitate car donations and ensure that the proceeds go to the charity of your choice. If you would like to know more about how to donate cars to charity, visit the Charity Dispatch website for more information.

Donating a Vehicle

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Donating a Vehicle – Donation Programs are not just for Cars

When people think about donating a vehicle they primarily think about cars, however a charity’s vehicle donation program is not limited to just cars, you can also donate other types of vehicles as well such as trucks, vans, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and more. When donating a vehicle keep in mind that most of the vehicles that get donated are put up for auction so it really does not matter what you donate since the proceeds can still benefit the charity you donate it to.

Donating a vehicle is easy, Charity Dispatch has a toll free number that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call the number, and the operator will arrange a pick up time and cover all the details to make sure everything is in order. Once the transfer is complete Charity Dispatch will mail you your tax receipt and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped out those less fortunate than you.

Car For Charity

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Car For Charity- What do you have to do to Ready your Car for Charity?

Many people assume that unless their old car is in good working order and perfect condition that the charities will not want it. The truth is that charities will take cars in any condition from not working to excellent condition. While you may want to ready your car for charity, it is not necessary and this should not stop you from donating your car. That said there are a couple of things you might want to do before you call the local charity to pick up your car.

The first thing you should do is make sure you have a clear title to the car; the charity will be unable to use the car if it does not have a clear title. You should clean out all of your personal belonging and anything that has your name on it for privacy reasons. While the charity will probably give the car a good once over before sending it to auction, you should take the responsibility of doing this yourself.

Most charities will take the time to fix anything that is wrong with the car if it is feasible and cars that are not fixable will go for scrap, so you need never worry that your car will not be usable. Charity Dispatch makes getting ready a car for charity easy, check our website for more information.

Donate Used Car

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Why do you Need a Middle Man When you Donate a Used Car?

Rather than viewing a middle man with suspicion when getting ready to donate a used car keep these facts in mind. Many charities have stopped taking used car donations due to the changes in IRS laws and the amount of extra work that was involved in taking these sorts of donations. The use of a donation program such as Charity Dispatch makes the process viable for charities again.

Charity Dispatch also makes your process as the donor even easier and safer as well as ensuring that you get the top value possible when taking your tax deduction. You will never be involved in the sale, nor will you ever need to worry about your name being involved in any problems that may occur with your old car down the road. Charity Dispatch keeps a dealer’s license to ensure that such problems never occur. If you would like to donate a used car, donating through Charity Dispatch is the easiest and safest way to do so.

Goodwill Car Donation

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Goodwill Car Donation – Don’t have Time to Bother with that Old Car?

How many times have you seen cars collect rust and debris and never get sold or moved, all too often this is what happens to old cars after their owners are done with them. Never sure what to do with them and too busy to go to all the work to get them sold, they sit in the yard and rust. Rather than letting your old car sit why not doing something special by making a Goodwill car donation?

Not only is making a Goodwill car donation much easier than selling your car, but the money gained from the sale of your car will go to helping the disadvantaged find jobs.  When you call Charity Dispatch the donation process is simple, all you need is to call them and have them come pick your old car up, make sure you have title in hand and that is all there is to it, the old car is out of your yard and you have helped others create a new life for themselves.

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