Goodwill Car Donation – Don’t have Time to Bother with that Old Car?

How many times have you seen cars collect rust and debris and never get sold or moved, all too often this is what happens to old cars after their owners are done with them. Never sure what to do with them and too busy to go to all the work to get them sold, they sit in the yard and rust. Rather than letting your old car sit why not doing something special by making a Goodwill car donation?

Not only is making a Goodwill car donation much easier than selling your car, but the money gained from the sale of your car will go to helping the disadvantaged find jobs.  When you call Charity Dispatch the donation process is simple, all you need is to call them and have them come pick your old car up, make sure you have title in hand and that is all there is to it, the old car is out of your yard and you have helped others create a new life for themselves.