The deadline for filing taxes is almost here. Many people can find this time of year somewhat stressful with thoughts of owing the government and wondering if they will be able to take any deductions. A car donation will allow you to take an automatic deduction of at least $500. Unfortunately the deadline for being able to get a tax deduction for your donated car has passed you can still donate your car and be able to use it as a deduction on your taxes next year.

More important than the deduction that donating your car will yield is the donation itself, many charities such as Goodwill depend heavily on donations to fund and sustain a number of their programs. Donating a car to your local Goodwill can have a lasting impact on members of your community. Vehicles that are in running condition are sometimes used in the wheels to work program which provides people in need with transportation to get work and take care of their families. The proceeds from vehicles that aren’t running are put towards programs that give disabled and disadvantaged individuals the necessary skills and training to join the workforce. Goodwill partners with different local businesses that give these people a chance to hone their skills and gain real world experience.

Donated cars do a lot for charities as well. When you donate your car to your local chapter it goes toward a multitude of different projects. The most common and important is emergency relief services however; different chapters have specific programs unique to their division like the Goodwill house in Philadelphia which gives families displaced by natural disaster a temporary home. Whatever the program and no matter the division your car donation will do both the charity you give your vehicle to a world of good.