Vehicle Donation Charity – How To Feel Good about Donating to a Donation Center

Most times these days a vehicle donation to charity goes through a third party donation center, there is good reason for this, since recent federal rules has made donating cars an expensive and difficult proposition for most charities. While many have simply ended their vehicle donation programs, others have turned to donation centers to handle these donations for them.

While this is in general a good thing, many people find themselves concerned with the unfamiliar names and worry that the money will not go where it is intended to go. It is a simple matter to ensure that the vehicle donation to charity you wish to make will go to the charity you intend it to. Simply do a bit of research to find out what charities the donation center works with then verify with the charities that this is the case.

Charity Dispatch is the preferred donation center for Goodwill and will help your donation get to those who need it.