Whether your car is in perfect condition, barely sputters enough to start up or is devoid of wheels and the engine won’t start, there is a market for your auto donation. Charities are eager and ready to pick up your old, unused car in order to help a family in need.

Many charities accept cars old, new and used. They in turn use these car donations to benefit others. Parts from old, broken down cars can be sold and the money used to provide food, lodging or vehicle transport to a grateful receiver. New or working cars (whether they look new or not) are either given to those who need them, sold at a low price to underprivileged people or auctioned off to the highest bidder and the money redirected to room and board. Donating your car that you do not need anymore is a great way to contribute to society and attain an accomplished, humanitarian feeling! Charities also accept other household items which you may not need and are thinking of throwing out. They gladly accept all donations!

Another great company that puts on events and collects items for charity is Goodwill Industries. These kind, generous people have the privileged job of collecting your donated car good (cars, automotive parts, etc…) and deliberating the best use for them. Like other charities, Goodwill collects old, new or used cars and either auctions them off, sells them for low prices to less fortunate families or donates them to underprivileged individuals. Goodwill Industries not only collects your donated vehicles, they also gladly accept food, clothing, household items, collectibles and anything else that can be used secondhand. The important thing is that those who have not are being shared with.

Both Goodwill Industries also hold events in order to gain contributions and donations which can be used to benefit their intended receiving audience. We’ve all heard the saying “it is better to give than receive” and these two companies are sure doing a great job of that! Auto donation is just one of the ways these charities show their humanitarian efforts and share their love with the world.

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