Making the decision to donate your car to charity is only the start of things. Though it may have taken you a while to come to the conclusion that vehicle donation was the route you wanted to go, the process is somewhat complicated and still requires you to diligently look after some small and some not so small details. When we consider car donation, we need to think about the things that you absolutely have to get done. These are certain items that you will need before you can get started.

First and foremost, you need to have all of the paperwork in order before you can make the auto donation happen. If I wanted to donate my car to charity, the first thing that I would think about is the car title. This is obviously the single most important document when dealing with this type of thing, and without it there is no way the deal can get done. With that said, getting your hands on the title can sometimes be difficult if you aren’t quite sure where to look or where to go. As most people can attest, going to the Department of Motor Vehicles is not exactly the most pleasant thing in the world.

In the past, you would have needed the Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle, but the new laws have changed that to an extent. Now, you need this information only for your own purposes and for helping out the charities as much as you can. The fine folks at places like Goodwill Industries have a lot of experience dealing with auto donation and selling cars, but they can always use the input of the owner. If you know about some of the special features on your car and can find out the proper value for those features, you can get ahead of the game in terms of donation.

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