Let’s take a gander at two different approaches to disposing of that used vehicle that has been sitting around your property, gathering rust and dust, maybe leaking oil, and generating the neighbors animosity for quite some time. It has been on your to-do list forever, and you have finally decided (for the tenth time), to do something about it. You have heard of the vehicle donation programs of the Goodwill Industries, two of the most venerated and trustworthy charities in the world, but times are tough and you decide to see if you can sell it first.

You put up a free ad on Craigslist first, knowing that a newspaper ad will cost a lot of money. You advertise your vehicle for what you think is a reasonable price, but the first 25 callers ask if you will take about 25% of your listed price. The next few callers are con men from overseas, offering to send you a cashiers check for several thousand dollars MORE than your asking price, and could you send them the difference? Right, buddy, you have heard of this scam for years. You finally take the ad off of Craigslist, vowing “Never Again!!!”

After finally putting an expensive ad in the paper, you spend days talking on the phone to prospective buyers. The few who actually show up to look at the car hate it for a variety of reasons, or want to ‘test drive’ it, without you in the car to distract them. Yeah, and the check’s in the mail.

You finally call Charity Dispatch, the logistical arm of Goodwill, who arrange a free tow for donating your vehicle, and give you tax deduction paperwork. And you think, “Why didn’t I do this first?”

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