When you donate a vehicle to a trusted charity (i.e. Goodwill Industries, etc…) for a good cause, you may start to develop a few conflicting thoughts before the transaction, especially if you are emotionally attached to the vehicle.

– Who will receive my car?
– How will they treat it?
– Is the recipient a safe driver? What if he/she crashes?

The reality is that once you donate your vehicle, you also give up ownership… meaning what happens to your car from that point is really none of your business. It’s literally out of your hands. All of the responsibilities that you once had now go to the new owner so there’s really no sense in worrying any further. Instead, try thinking positively about the whole situation, after all, your vehicle donation has a great chance of changing someone’s life, allowing them to utilize your contribution for much needed transportation in order to get back and forth to their job location. As an alternative, your vehicle can be sold at an auction, with the proceedings being used to fund job placement programs for the disadvantaged people of your community.

The point that is being made here is that there are many pros that go along with donating a vehicle to charity and very little (petty) cons, most of which are strictly in your head. If you have an old clunker that is taking up space in your garage, consider the extra storage space you’ll gain by donating it, not to mention the needy family that you’ll be helping out.

Clear your mind. Focus your intentions. Donate a vehicle.

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