What you Need to know to Donate a Car

Donating a car can be a wonderful way to help your favorite charity. A car donation can help in a number of different ways, from being a significant financial donation to offering transportation to charity workers or helping a family in need who has lost a car in a natural disaster or any other number of reasons. There is not a lot you need to know to donate a car but a few tips will help you decide if it is really something that you want to do or not.

1)      Cars can be in any condition and running or not.

2)      You must have a title for your car before the charity can pick it up.

3)      You do not need to deliver it if you do not want to, you can have the charity come pick it up for you.

4)      You will need to comply with IRS rules for tax deductions, be sure you look into this first.

It is not hard to donate a car, mostly it is just deciding that this is what you want to do with your old car and finding a charity to come pick it up. Charity Dispatch can help, we pick up cars in any condition and make sure they get to the charity of your choice.

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