If you are one of the millions of people in this country involved in charitable work, or thinking about doing something to help, a question might arise that has no easy answer. You might be thinking about donating a vehicle sitting around your house that is going unused, one you know could be put to better use by someone in need.

When you have reached the decision to donate a vehicle to charity, the second decision you need to think about is whether to donate the vehicle directly, or to sell it yourself and donate the money. Factors influencing this decision include how much time you are willing to spendĀ  to sell it yourself. If you have the time to place the ads, answer the phone and talk to prospective buyers, and then meet strangers coming to your house to look at it, then you may raise the maximum amount of money the vehicle will bring. If it is a newer vehicle, this may be the way to go. Though all charities can use vehicle donations in a variety of ways, they also need cash and use it wisely for much needed supplies.

If you have very little spare time, the best approach to donating your vehicle may be to simply pick up the phone and call Goodwill, who will come pick up your vehicle free of charge. They handle everything, leaving you valuable time for your kid’s ball game or dance recital.

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