In the twenty-first century alone, natural disasters have taken a huge toll in lost lives and devastation. A partial list of some of the major events would include:

1. The 2001 Gujarat Earthquake, India and Pakistan. 20,000 killed and 167,000 injured
2. 2003 heat wave killed 10,000 in France
3. 2004  28,000 killed in Iran earthquake
4. From 2001 to 2004, 70,000 die in Sudan’s Darfur region from disease and malnutrition
5. Underwater earthquake spawns giant tsunami and kills over 200,000 in Indonesia
6. Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans. You know the story
7. May 2008 Quake kills 50,000 in China

Charity donations are greatest at tragic times like these, vehicle donations included.

This list doesn’t include the terrorist attack of 9/11, which resulted in massive donations to charities from across the country, and the world, including many vehicle donations to Goodwill.

The current economic situation in America and around the world may not seem as dramatic as the events listed above, but it is a tragic situation none the less. People may not be dying in record numbers, but the loss of so many jobs has led to suffering in this country not seen in this magnitude since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. At a time when fewer Americans are able to donate money to Goodwill, the need for vehicle donations has never been greater. Any type of vehicle, running or not, is greatly appreciated, and the money raised at auction goes a long way to help alleviate hunger and suffering in this country.

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