Vehicle donations can take surprising forms, from unused clunkers to brand new lift trucks, as was the case several years ago in Texas. Ten days before the 9/11 terrorist attack, The Goodwill Industries chapter in Houston Texas received a Caterpillar lift truck which was donated from Cat Financial Services, in conjunction with Mustang Tractor & Equipment Company and Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America.

This type of truck donation was needed to move the vast quantities of items donated by the good people of Houston. It is this kind of donation that proves even big corporations can have big hearts, contrary to the perception that most large corporations have only the bottom line in mind. I can only imagine the look of happiness on the faces of the Goodwill volunteers working in that huge warehouse, whose job just got a lot easier with the arrival of the large lift truck.

This is not to say large, new trucks are the kind of truck donation that charities like Goodwill are only happy with, far from it. Very few people or companies have the ability to donate such a large, expensive truck, but just as much benefit occurs when an older truck is donated to Goodwill, and can be used by a family needing transportation to and from jobs, schools, and the like. Every type of donated truck is not only beneficial, but appreciated from the bottom of somebody’s heart. Even you and I can make that happen.

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