Used Car Donation

Used car donation is a great option for many car owners who are planning to get rid of their old car. There are plenty of reasons why used car donation is justified. Used car donation is an excellent option especially for those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to selling off the old car. Selling the old car on your own could help you get a few dollars extra, but in most cases, it will eat up a lot of time. You might need to get the car repaired, cleaned and then spend time with prospective buyers who would love to take test drives. If time is precious for you, used car donation is a far more viable option than selling it privately.

Tax Deduction With A Used Car Donation

One wouldn’t lose the entire money even if they go for used car donation. You become eligible for tax deduction after the used car donation. For example, if you donate your old car to a charity organization and the car fetches $500 at a charity auction, then the charity organization will provide you with acknowledgement of the used car donation along with the statement for the sale value of the car. This documentation for used car donation can be used by you to file for IRS tax deduction. IRS will ratify the documents and offer you the deduction. Hence you will still be able to save money. The added advantage of used car donation is the fact that you can feel good about helping out someone in need. The sale proceeds from used car donation would be added to the funds for charitable causes and projects. Sometimes the car is given out to families which are in dire need of it and cannot afford it on their own.

The Ease Of A Used Car Donation

Used car donation is also a very simple process ensuring that you don’t lose a lot of time. Firstly, you can pick your charity organization and then register online. There are several used car donation centers as well which can assist you in used car donation. In fact, some of these centers have workforce which deal with picking the cars, getting them fixed and washed if required and delivering them to a charity organization of your choice. You can also refer online for a list of organizations that are approved by IRS. The Kelley Blue Book or NADA guide will also be able to assist you in pricing values but otherwise, the fair market value for the car, is the number that will be used for tax deduction. Given the importance of used car donation, charity organizations do their best to make the process easy for you. Used car donation not only helps you with tax deduction and saves time, but also helps someone else in need.

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