Used Car Donations

Used car donations often bring unexpected benefits to the car donators. The process of used card donations itself has become simpler than what a lot of car owners would expect. There are several charity organizations, some of worldwide repute like Goodwill Society, which are now accepting used card donations, allowing those who have old cars to contribute to society in their own unique way.

Top charity organizations allow you to register your request for used card donations online. You can set a time and date for your used car donations. In fact, some organizations also provide free towing for used car donations from your home, if your car is not in a drivable condition. Cars of all shapes and sizes, SUVs and even trucks are accepted as part of used card donations as long as they can be sold off and have some value left in them. The minor repairs and washing is usually carried out by the charity organizations. The car owners will almost immediately receive acknowledgement of the used car donations. Donated cars are usually sold in charity auctions. Car owners who have participated in used car donations will be intimated of the sale proceeds and the price fetched by their car, within a month of the car sale. Some cars received through used car donations are also used by charity organizations for their social activities like helping victims of floods, earthquakes and hurricanes, transferring patients to nearby hospitals, etc.

Requirements For Used Car Donations

To qualify for used car donations, the car should be in a good condition, barring minor problems that can be easily fixed. To qualify for used car donations, there shouldn’t be any legal complications around your car. The titles should all be present for you to make used car donations.

Benefits of Used Car Donations

Those who make used car donations get the immense satisfaction of giving back to society. Reputable charity organizations usually make great use of the donated cars whether they are putting the car to use or generating funds through auctions conducted later. There are financial benefits as well. If you want to get rid of your old car to purchase a new car or for some other reason, used car donations will provide you tax benefits too. The IRS allows you to apply for deduction equivalent to the sale value of the car, as per the receipt you receive from the charity organization. Deducting this value from your tax will let you save a good number of dollars in exchange for a car you don’t want to use anyway. The statement after used car donations should be received within 30 days of the auction and you must take care to ensure that you get it from the charity organization.

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