Among all of the purposes for which charities solicit auto donation, a new one has come to the forefront in recent months. In fact, vehicle donation is becoming somewhat commonplace for charities that need as much help as they can get with the economy being in its current fashion. Charities like Goodwill Industries have long pushed advertisements hoping that people will donate a car to charity. Now, it looks like more and more organizations are amping up this effort, many of them hoping to get more money for research.

Cancer research is a common charitable cause for many in the United States, as just about everyone has lost someone to cancer or knows someone who has fought off the disease. These days, both cancer-concentrated charities and the general charities out there are looking for ways to integrate vehicle donation into their bottom line. If you want to donate your car to a charity, you can rest easy knowing that it is being put to a great use. For a long time, one of the problems with this sort of charitable giving has been the fact that people have no assurances about where their money will be going.

If you donate a used car, even to a general charity, you can bet that some of the money from the sale of that car is going to head to an organization that looks for a cure. No matter what the disease, it is clear now more than ever that car donation is one of the most important ways that people can help fight for a cure. According to statistics released this month, more and more individuals are taking up this cause, as well. Vehicle donations are holding steady, while other forms of charity seem to be taking some losses with the hurting economy.

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