There are quite a few things that you might call “red flags” when it comes to donating a vehicle to charity. When you are making a donation to charity, you want to be able to ensure that the organization receiving your donation is completely and honestly legitimate. After all, there are some people out there who would be looking to take advantage of your generosity if you gave them the opportunity. The first step to making a vehicle donation is knowing that there are plenty of good, honest organizations out there who will take your vehicle off of your hands. Goodwill Industries are two that have operated well and legitimately for years.

How do you know when an organization is trying to rip you off? There are a couple of different ways, one of them being that the organization asks you to pay additional fees on top of making your donation. You should know that when you donate a car to charity, you are doing more than enough. The people who solicit these donations are only asking for your generosity. They are not asking you to do any more than donate a car. If you find that a charity is asking you to pay extra fees on top of your auto donation, it should raise serious questions of legitimacy in your head.

Simply put, when I donate my car, I want to know that the funds from that sale are going to be put to good use. In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure that the organization you donate to has non-profit clearance from the government. If you don’t check on these things and then you try to write off the donation on your taxes, you can run into some serious problems that no one would want to face.

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