The Nightly News, no matter your station preference, was once a must see for the entire family, at least years and years ago as I was growing up. It was filled with human interest stories that were suitable for all, rated G for the most part. But now, “If it bleeds, it leads”, is the favorite saying among those responsible for the nightly horror stories we see on the tube today. Murder, carjacking, et al. Never is this more evident than when natural disaster or terrorist actions strike, and then we quit worrying about the nightly mayhem and do what we can to help, led by the volunteers of the Goodwill. You might already be among the many who have helped this angelic organization raise funds through a vehicle donation, whose proceeds can help Goodwill buy the supplies necessary for their life saving services.

Imagine, if you will, you have donated a vehicle and that the money acquired by selling that car or truck was used for life saving supplies and equipment for the Goodwill chapter in your home town, lets call it Washington D.C. And imagine a disaster such as a hurricane or, God forbid, a terrorist strike injuring thousands right there in D.C. Now imagine one of those injured is yourself. In todays world, it is not that far-fetched, is it?

The money raised with your generous and charitable vehicle donation might just save your OWN life. In a world where what goes around, comes around, that’s what I would call a perfect ending to a tragic set of circumstances.

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