We own a family van and have had it for 10 years. Last fall we were driving our daughter to soccer practice and we got about 5 miles from the field when our van started sputtering and almost died. Fortunately, we were able to get it home before it completely went kaput. We debated whether we should put the money into it to fix it but it has about one hundred thousand miles on it and was pretty worn from towing our boat. We found that it would have been around $1500 to fix it so we got online and looked up places for auto donations.

We found one place where it seemed to be a great charity so we picked it. It was Goodwill Industries in Washington D.C. They came and picked up the car at no cost. The guy came in a big flat bed truck, loaded it up and took it off with no hassle. That was the end of it! We signed over the title, wrote in the address of the place we donated it to and we put down the estimated value. Then I had to turn in the title to the DOL so that we no longer were responsible for the car. The whole process was really easy and uneventful. When we thought about it, we would definitely do it again as it was so easy. It is definitely worth doing if you need to get a car off your hands.

We have another car which we may donate in the near future. It has a few problems and will probably need over a thousand dollars worth of work, but it is a good little car and can be fixed up to be perfect for a small family or an individual who needs it.

The main reason we decided to donate our car to charity was because it really made us feel good. You are donating your car for posterity rather than hauling it off to a junk yard. Goodwill Industries were two very reliable places we found for car donation. Donating a vehicle to them is really a lot easier than we thought it would be. We would definitely recommend car donation to anyone who asks us!

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