What happens to your car when you donate it to charity depends on the charity you chose. Most charities, working with a fund raiser, will sell the car at an auction and collect a percentage of the cash proceeds from the sale. Some charities have programs which repair or refurbish the vehicles for their own use or to be given to beneficiaries of the charity who need a car.

Many vehicle donation programs accept all types of vehicles including trucks, farm equipment and construction vehicles. The majority of these vehicles are sold at auction. Large charities, like Goodwill Industries and the Salvation Army generally prefer to take the cash proceeds from selling a car. Some smaller charities actually specialize in assisting people who cannot afford a car to secure reliable transportation.

If your car is in running conditions and you select a charity that repairs and refurbishes cars, your car will go to someone who desperately needs it. You can contact the charity directly to ask how their car donation program operates. Most charities that repair and refurbish vehicles are regional and depend on volunteers to do the necessary work. If your car isn’t running, charities that repair cars may be able to use the parts.

Most charities run their auto donation programs through fund raisers. You can contact your favorite charity to find out which fund raiser they use for their program. The fund raiser will handle picking up the car and selling it for the charity.

You can donate your car by telephone or online. It’s convenient and simple and the car will be picked up within 24 to 48 hours. You will be provided with the appropriate tax forms so that you may deduct your donation on your income tax.

Be aware of the laws of your state regarding registration and license plates. In some states you may be required to leave the plates on the car. In other states you may be required to remove the plates and turn them into the state. If you are not sure, ask the program to whom you are donating the car or check with your state motor vehicle department.

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