In interviewing the executives who handle major gifts at some of the biggest charitable organizations out there, it is easy to figure out what one of their major job functions happens to be. These are highly skilled people with excellent communication skills, and they are put to use just about every single day. That is because one of their primary job functions is to answer questions about vehicle donation. To those people, this is something of a blessing in disguise, as the interest means that people are thinking about donating a car to charity.

One of the questions that the people at Goodwill always have to answer seems to be a pretty simple one. What type of car can I donate? The answer to this question is that you can pretty much donate whatever you want. The key thing is to understand what charities like Goodwill Industries do with your vehicle donation. When I donate my car to charity, they will seek out a buyer for that car. If the vehicle is in good and running shape, they will attempt to get as close to market price as they can for the ride. If the car can’t be sold in that way, they will sell the auto parts for as much as they possibly can.

When you donate a car, you can either send in your brand new Corvette or you can put in the old 1970s wheels that haven’t moved off of the blocks in your garage. The charities are certainly in need of all the help they can get right now, so any sort of auto donation is welcomed and wanted. They will do what they can with the resources that you provide, and you can get more value on your tax deduction when you give something that brings higher value on the open market.

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