Charities use fundraisers to run or assist with running many of their programs. Fundraisers are professionals who market charities in order to raise funds to allow a charity to continue with its work. The fundraisers who handle vehicle donations handle advertising for the program in addition to dealing with the retrieval of vehicle donations and the sale and paperwork of donated cars.

When you see an advertisement for auto donation in a newspaper, on television or on a billboard, it is likely it was placed by the fundraiser. Although charities may place their own advertisements as well, the fundraiser, who works with several different charities, will place many advertisements in different media outlets. These advertisements will deal only with car donation. They may provide a list of charities they work with so that when you donate a car, you will be able to specify which charity will receive the proceeds.

Fundraisers co-ordinate all aspects of vehicle donation programs. This allows the employees and volunteers of the charity to work with the beneficiaries of their programs, instead of getting bogged down with the funding aspects of non profits. The exposure from advertising is multiplied with fundraisers, but the cost to the charity is not increased.

When you donate your car to a charity, it is probably because you have seen an advertisement placed by a fundraiser. When you call to make the donation, it is an employee of the fundraiser who answers your call and arranges for pick up of your used car. The fundraiser deals with transfer of title or arranging for a salvage title through the state department of motor vehicles. The auctions at which the cars are sold are arranged by the fundraiser.

The work of fundraisers keeps the administrative costs of the charity lower. The fee charged by the fundraiser is less than an individual charity would have to spend to provide these services for themselves. A recent investigation into vehicle donation programs indicated that, on average, charities receive more than half of the total proceeds from the sale of each car. When you donate a used car to your favorite charity it helps keep your charity funded so it can continue its work.

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