There are hundreds of uses for the money raised from donated vehicles, the outstanding program used throughout our country to help raise money for deserving charities such as Goodwill. A lot of money is raised through truck donations, whether the truck is running or not. Even trucks in need or major repair before they are operable can be used for spare parts, and with metal prices at all-time highs, the unusable rest of the truck can be sold for scrap.

However, people with operating trucks may not know just what a difference maker their truck donation may be, in that a working truck or car may be given to a family in dire need of transportation, a family that may live too far away from public transportation to make it to the hospital in time of emergency, for example. If a small child cut himself badly, requiring a trip to the emergency room immediately, or a pregnant woman going into premature labor had no way to get to the hospital quickly, your donated truck could literally be the difference between life and death.

This kind of generosity helps thousands of disadvantaged people daily across our nation. Many people who fortune has smiled upon, and have a truck or car they no longer use have seen it in their heart to donate it to the Goodwill. Knowing you may save a life is worth much more than the tax deduction you can claim next April 15th for your truck donation.

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